An Introduction to Audio for Developers

As we enter a truly wireless era, new research, devices, and solutions are ushering in a range of breakthrough audio technologies. They are changing the way people connect, communicate, and engage with personal audio devices. They are also providing many new opportunities for developers to build innovative solutions for both consumers and the industry.Download
the eBook
Before you jump into developing new audio applications or embedded audio technology solutions, there is a range of terms and foundational technologies that are beneficial to understand first. Likewise, it’s useful to understand which new audio technologies are available, what each of them provides, and how you could use them.

In this eBook, we’ve rounded this all up in one place to provide you with top audio terms, an overview of some key foundational audio technologies, and the basics to know about the primary audio wireless technologies. Also, in this eBook you’ll find a wealth of resources available, as well as organizations ready to help, and a peek into the future of audio to help inspire you.