Adreno SDK for Vulkan

The Adreno SDK for Vulkan contains several working samples covering Vulkan features. Regardless of your level of graphics experience, this SDK is the perfect introduction to the Vulkan API. You will find instructive and commented code samples on all the basic topics:

  • Initializing Vulkan

  • Setting up swap chains

  • Creating Vulkan devices and queues

  • Synchronizing the rendering steps

  • Drawing a simple triangle

  • Creating image processing effects

  • Rendering in multiple passes

  • Compiling SPIR-V shaders

  • Using compute shaders

  • Using push constants

  • Rendering user interfaces

  • Threading

  • Memory management

The SDK also includes easy-to-read guides in areas such as writing a simple triangle app and compiling shaders. The documentation will help you understand the complete Vulkan development cycle.

To get started, you will need Android Studio, the Android SDK, and the Android NDK. These requirements are also covered in videos on the Qualcomm Developer Network. The videos walk you through installation of the Android NDK and our Vulkan SDK, the complete contents of the SDK, and step-by-step instructions on building and running your first Vulkan app on a mobile device using Android Studio. You will also find links to useful information from Khronos, the Standards body behind Vulkan.

You can download the Adreno SDK for Vulkan from the Qualcomm Developer Network at