Telematics SDK - Interface Specification  v1.46.62
telux::platform Namespace Reference

Data Structures

struct  EfsEventInfo
class  IFsListener
 Listener class for getting notifications related to EFS backup/restore operations. The client needs to implement these methods as briefly as possible and avoid blocking calls in it. The methods in this class can be invoked from multiple different threads. Client needs to make sure that the implementation is thread-safe. More...
class  IFsManager
 IFsManager provides interface to to control and get notified about file system operations. This includes Embedded file system (EFS) operations. More...
class  PlatformFactory
 PlatformFactory allows creation of Platform services related classes. More...


enum  EfsEvent { EfsEvent::START, EfsEvent::END }
enum  OperationStatus { OperationStatus::UNKNOWN, OperationStatus::SUCCESS, OperationStatus::FAILURE }
enum  OtaOperation { OtaOperation::INVALID, OtaOperation::START, OtaOperation::RESUME }