Telematics SDK - Interface Specification  v1.46.62



Data Structures

class  telux::platform::PlatformFactory
 PlatformFactory allows creation of Platform services related classes. More...

Detailed Description

This section contains APIs related to configure platform functionalities and acquire information from the sub-components.

Data Structure Documentation

class telux::platform::PlatformFactory

PlatformFactory allows creation of Platform services related classes.

Public Member Functions

virtual std::shared_ptr< IFsManagergetFsManager (telux::common::InitResponseCb callback=nullptr)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static PlatformFactorygetInstance ()

Protected Member Functions

 PlatformFactory ()
virtual ~PlatformFactory ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

telux::platform::PlatformFactory::PlatformFactory ( )
virtual telux::platform::PlatformFactory::~PlatformFactory ( )

Member Function Documentation

static PlatformFactory& telux::platform::PlatformFactory::getInstance ( )

Get instance of platform Factory

virtual std::shared_ptr<IFsManager> telux::platform::PlatformFactory::getFsManager ( telux::common::InitResponseCb  callback = nullptr)
pure virtual

Get instance of filesystem manager (IFsManager). The filesystem manager supports notification of filesystem events like EFS restore indications.

[in]callbackOptional callback to get the initialization status of FsManager. telux::common::InitResponseCb
pointer of IFsManager object.