Telematics SDK - User Guide  v1.46.35
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 Revision History
 Building Yocto Platform SDK
 Using SDK APIs in simulation mode
 Steps to writing an App
 Sample Apps
 Sample Applications Configuration
 Configuring Logs from the SDK
 Audio Manager API
 Audio playback session
 Audio capture session
 Audio loopback session
 Audio tone generation
 Audio voice session start and stop
 Audio voice session volume/mute control
 Audio voice session device switch
 Using Audio Manager APIs to play DTMF tone in a voice call.
 Using Audio Manager APIs to detect DTMF tones in a voice call.
 Audio transcoding operation
 Compressed audio format playback
 Compressed audio format playback on voice paths
 Public Logging API
 C-V2X Get Status Sample App
 C-V2X RX Sample App
 C-V2X TX Sample App
 Setting verification load using C-V2X Throttle Manager API
 Obtaining filter rate adjustment notification from C-V2X Throttle Manager API
 Make Call
 Make eCall
 Make Request Voice Service State of the device
 Set radio power of the device
 Using Request Service Domain Preference API
 Using Subscription Manager APIs
 Using Card Service APIs
 Using SAP APIs
 Using Request Network Selection Mode API
 Remote SIM Manager API Sample Reference
 Using Remote SIM Reference Apps
 Sending SMS
 Listening to Incoming SMS
 Using Remote SIM Provisioning API
 Using Remote SIM Provisioning Reference Service
 Start/Stop data call
 Get data profile
 Get and Set data filter mode
 Add data filter
 Remove data filter mode
 Enable/Disable Firewall
 Create Firewall DMZ
 Add Firewall Entry
 Add a software bridge and Enable software bridge management
 Remove a software bridge and Disable software bridge management
 Create Vlan And Bind It To PDN
 Create Static NAT Entry
 Enable L2TP and Add Tunnel
 Enable/Disable Socks
 Get Dedicated Radio Bearer Status and Indication
 Get Service Status and Indication
 Get Roaming Status and Indication
 Using Location Service APIs
 Using Location Configurator APIs
 How to load and activate modem config file
 How to Get and Set Auto Config Selection Mode
 How to deactivate and delete modem config file
 Using TCU Activity Manager APIs to get TCU activity state updates
 Using TCU Activity Manager APIs to set the TCU activity state in ACTIVE mode
 Using TCU Activity Manager APIs to set the TCU activity state in PASSIVE mode
 Using Thermal Manager APIs
 Using Thermal Shutdown Manager APIs to get Thermal autoshutdown mode updates
 Using Thermal Shutdown Manager APIs to set Autoshutdown modes
 Using Sensor APIs to configure and acquire sensor data
 Using Sensor APIs to control sensor features