Telematics SDK - API Reference  v1.57.0

Data Structures

struct  rx_packet_meta_data_t


#define META_DATA_MASK_SFN   0x01
#define META_DATA_MASK_PRX_RSSI   0x08
#define META_DATA_MASK_DRX_RSSI   0x10
#define META_DATA_MASK_L2_DEST   0x20


v2x_status_enum_type v2x_parse_rx_meta_data (const uint8_t *payload, uint32_t length, rx_packet_meta_data_t *meta_data, size_t *num, size_t *meta_data_len)

Detailed Description

This section contains C Packet APIs related to Cellular-V2X packet analysis operation.

Provide utilities and structures for CV2X packet analysis.

Data Structure Documentation

struct rx_packet_meta_data_t

Contains the detailed meta data report of a packet received.

Data Fields
uint32_t validity

Validity of the meta data

uint16_t sfn

System Frame Number * 10 + subframe number

uint8_t sub_channel_index

The subchannel used for transmission

uint8_t sub_channel_num

Number of subchannels in the Rx pool

int8_t prx_rssi

RSSI of primary receive signal, in dBm

int8_t drx_rssi

RSSI of diversity receive signal, in dBm

uint32_t l2_destination_id

L2 destination ID

uint32_t sci_format1_info

SCI format1, 3GPP TS 36.213 section 14.1

int32_t delay_estimation

Packet delay estimation, in Ts (1/(15000 * 2048) seconds)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define META_DATA_MASK_SFN   0x01

meata data validity mask of each received packet, used by rx_packet_meta_data_t

#define META_DATA_MASK_PRX_RSSI   0x08
#define META_DATA_MASK_DRX_RSSI   0x10
#define META_DATA_MASK_L2_DEST   0x20

Function Documentation

v2x_status_enum_type v2x_parse_rx_meta_data ( const uint8_t *  payload,
uint32_t  length,
rx_packet_meta_data_t meta_data,
size_t *  num,
size_t *  meta_data_len 

Parse the received packet's meta data from the payload

Associated data types
[in]payloadPointer to the received message which may contains the meta data reports
[in]lengthLength of the received message in byte
[out]meta_dataPointer to the meta data structure array
[in,out]numarray size of meta_data as input, be assigned to the number of meta data reports parsed out. The caller can use this value to index the array meta_data.
[out]meta_data_lenlength of the meta data in byte parsed out from the payload
Detailed description
This function extracts the received packet's meta data from the payload, there maybe several meta data reports in the received payload.