Telematics SDK - Interface Specification  v1.46.62
telux::config Namespace Reference

Data Structures

class  ConfigFactory
 ConfigFactory allows creation of config related classes. More...
struct  ConfigInfo
class  IModemConfigListener
 Listener class for getting notifications related to configuration change detection. The client needs to implement these methods as briefly as possible and avoid blocking calls in it. The methods in this class can be invoked from multiple different threads. Client needs to make sure that the implementation is thread-safe. More...
class  IModemConfigManager
 IModemConfigManager provides interface to list config files present in modem's storage. load a new config file in modem, activate a config file, get active config file information, deactivate a config file, delete config file from the modem's storage, get and set mode of config auto selection, register and deregister listener for config update in modem. The config files are also referred to as MBNs. More...


using ConfigId = std::string
using ConfigListCallback = std::function< void(std::vector< ConfigInfo > configList, telux::common::ErrorCode error)>
using GetAutoSelectionModeCallback = std::function< void(AutoSelectionMode mode, telux::common::ErrorCode error)>
using GetActiveConfigCallback = std::function< void(ConfigInfo configInfo, telux::common::ErrorCode error)>


enum  ConfigType { ConfigType::HARDWARE, ConfigType::SOFTWARE }
enum  AutoSelectionMode { AutoSelectionMode::DISABLED, AutoSelectionMode::ENABLED }
enum  ConfigUpdateStatus { ConfigUpdateStatus::START, ConfigUpdateStatus::COMPLETE }