Telematics SDK - Interface Specification  v1.46.54
telux::therm Namespace Reference

Data Structures

struct  BoundCoolingDevice
class  ICoolingDevice
 ICoolingDevice provides interface to get type of the cooling device, the maximum throttle state and the currently requested throttle state of the cooling device. More...
class  IThermalManager
 IThermalManager provides interface to get thermal zone and cooling device information. More...
class  IThermalShutdownListener
 Listener class for getting notifications when automatic thermal shutdown mode is enabled/ disabled or will be enabled imminently. The client needs to implement these methods as briefly as possible and avoid blocking calls in it. The methods in this class can be invoked from multiple different threads. Client needs to make sure that the implementation is thread-safe. More...
class  IThermalShutdownManager
 IThermalShutdownManager class provides interface to enable/disable automatic thermal shutdown. Additionally it facilitates to register for notifications when the automatic shutdown mode changes. More...
class  IThermalZone
 IThermalZone provides interface to get type of the sensor, the current temperature reading, trip points and the cooling devices binded etc. More...
class  ITripPoint
 ITripPoint provides interface to get trip point type, trip point temperature and hysteresis value for that trip point. More...
class  ThermalFactory
 ThermalFactory allows creation of thermal manager. More...


using GetAutoShutdownModeResponseCb = std::function< void(AutoShutdownMode mode)>


enum  AutoShutdownMode { AutoShutdownMode::UNKNOWN, AutoShutdownMode::ENABLE, AutoShutdownMode::DISABLE }
enum  TripType {
  TripType::UNKNOWN, TripType::CRITICAL, TripType::HOT, TripType::PASSIVE,


const uint32_t DEFAULT_TIMEOUT = 30