Telematics SDK - Interface Specification  v1.46.54
telux::power Namespace Reference

Data Structures

class  ITcuActivityListener
 Listener class for getting notifications related to TCU-activity state and also the updates related to TCU-activity service status. The client needs to implement these methods as briefly as possible and avoid blocking calls in it. The methods in this class can be invoked from multiple different threads. Client needs to make sure that the implementation is thread-safe. More...
class  ITcuActivityManager
 ITcuActivityManager provides interface to register and de-register listeners to get TCU-activity state updates. And also API to initiate TCU-activity state transition. The system can be configured to be operated in ACTIVE or PASSIVE mode with respect to TcuActivity management. In ACTIVE mode, the TCU-activity management service leads the system into desired activity state after receiving the acknowledgements from all the clients or after the configured timeout. In PASSIVE mode, the management service just notifies the clients about the state transition and conveys their acknowledgement status back to the Master application that triggered the state transition. More...
class  PowerFactory
 PowerFactory allows creation of TCU-activity manager instance. More...


enum  TcuActivityState { TcuActivityState::UNKNOWN, TcuActivityState::SUSPEND, TcuActivityState::RESUME, TcuActivityState::SHUTDOWN }
enum  TcuActivityStateAck { TcuActivityStateAck::SUSPEND_ACK, TcuActivityStateAck::SHUTDOWN_ACK }
enum  ClientType { ClientType::SLAVE, ClientType::MASTER }