Telematics SDK - Interface Specification  v1.38.37
Phone Factory

Data Structures

class  telux::tel::PhoneFactory
 PhoneFactory is the central factory to create all Telephony SDK Classes and services. More...

Detailed Description

This section contains APIs related to PhoneFactory.

Data Structure Documentation

class telux::tel::PhoneFactory

PhoneFactory is the central factory to create all Telephony SDK Classes and services.

Public Member Functions

std::shared_ptr< IPhoneManagergetPhoneManager ()
std::shared_ptr< ISmsManagergetSmsManager (int phoneId=DEFAULT_PHONE_ID)
std::shared_ptr< ICallManagergetCallManager ()
std::shared_ptr< ICardManagergetCardManager ()
std::shared_ptr< ISapCardManagergetSapCardManager (int slotId=DEFAULT_SLOT_ID)
std::shared_ptr< ISubscriptionManagergetSubscriptionManager ()
std::shared_ptr< IServingSystemManagergetServingSystemManager (int slotId=DEFAULT_SLOT_ID)
std::shared_ptr< INetworkSelectionManagergetNetworkSelectionManager (int slotId=DEFAULT_SLOT_ID)
std::shared_ptr< IRemoteSimManagergetRemoteSimManager (int slotId=DEFAULT_SLOT_ID)
std::shared_ptr< IMultiSimManagergetMultiSimManager ()
std::shared_ptr< ISimProfileManagergetSimProfileManager ()
std::shared_ptr< ICellBroadcastManagergetCellBroadcastManager (SlotId slotId=DEFAULT_SLOT_ID)

Static Public Member Functions

static PhoneFactorygetInstance ()

Member Function Documentation

static PhoneFactory& telux::tel::PhoneFactory::getInstance ( )

Get Phone Factory instance.

std::shared_ptr<IPhoneManager> telux::tel::PhoneFactory::getPhoneManager ( )

Get Phone Manager instance. Phone Manager is the main entry point into the telephony subsystem.

Pointer of IPhoneManager object.
std::shared_ptr<ISmsManager> telux::tel::PhoneFactory::getSmsManager ( int  phoneId = DEFAULT_PHONE_ID)

Get SMS Manager instance for Phone ID. SMSManager used to send and receive SMS messages.

[in]phoneIdUnique identifier for the phone
Pointer of ISmsManager object or nullptr in case of failure.
std::shared_ptr<ICallManager> telux::tel::PhoneFactory::getCallManager ( )

Get Call Manager instance to determine state of active calls and perform other functions like dial, conference, swap call.

Pointer of ICallManager object.
std::shared_ptr<ICardManager> telux::tel::PhoneFactory::getCardManager ( )

Get Card Manager instance to handle services such as transmitting APDU, SIM IO and more.

Pointer of ICardManager object.
std::shared_ptr<ISapCardManager> telux::tel::PhoneFactory::getSapCardManager ( int  slotId = DEFAULT_SLOT_ID)

Get Sap Card Manager instance associated with the provided slot id. This object will handle services in SAP mode such as APDU, SIM Power On/Off and SIM reset.

[in]slotIdUnique identifier for the SIM slot
Pointer of ISapCardManager object.
std::shared_ptr<ISubscriptionManager> telux::tel::PhoneFactory::getSubscriptionManager ( )

Get Subscription Manager instance to get device subscription details

Pointer of ISubscriptionManager object.
std::shared_ptr<IServingSystemManager> telux::tel::PhoneFactory::getServingSystemManager ( int  slotId = DEFAULT_SLOT_ID)

Get Serving System Manager instance to get and set preferred network type.

[in]slotIdUnique identifier for the SIM slot
Pointer of IServingSystemManager object.
std::shared_ptr<INetworkSelectionManager> telux::tel::PhoneFactory::getNetworkSelectionManager ( int  slotId = DEFAULT_SLOT_ID)

Get Network Selection Manager instance to get and set selection mode, get and set preferred networks and scan available networks.

[in]slotIdUnique identifier for the SIM slot
Pointer of INetworkSelectionManager object.
std::shared_ptr<IRemoteSimManager> telux::tel::PhoneFactory::getRemoteSimManager ( int  slotId = DEFAULT_SLOT_ID)

Get Remote SIM Manager instance to handle services like exchanging APDU, SIM Power On/Off, etc.

[in]slotIdUnique identifier for the SIM slot
Pointer of IRemoteSimManager object.
std::shared_ptr<IMultiSimManager> telux::tel::PhoneFactory::getMultiSimManager ( )

Get Multi SIM Manager instance to handle operations like high capabilty switch.

Pointer of IMultiSimManager object.
std::shared_ptr<ISimProfileManager> telux::tel::PhoneFactory::getSimProfileManager ( )

Get SimProfileManager. SimProfileManager is a primary interface for remote eUICC(eSIM) provisioning and local profile assistance.

Pointer of ISimProfileManager object or nullptr in case of failure.
std::shared_ptr<ICellBroadcastManager> telux::tel::PhoneFactory::getCellBroadcastManager ( SlotId  slotId = DEFAULT_SLOT_ID)