FastCV Sample Application  1.7.1
com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.apis.imageProcessing.ImgDiff Class Reference

Inherits com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.base.GraphicalActivity.

Public Member Functions

native void update (byte[] data, int w, int h)
native void cleanup ()
native void takeReferenceFrame ()
native void resetReferenceFrame ()

Protected Member Functions

void initTitle ()
void onResume ()

Protected Attributes

ToggleButton tBtnDiffReset

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Member Function Documentation

Performs native cleanup routines for application exit.

Implements com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.base.GraphicalActivity.

Function which retrieves title based on module used.

Implements com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.base.GraphicalActivity.

Resumes camera preview

Reimplemented from com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.base.GraphicalActivity.

Stores current frame as reference frame.

native void com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.apis.imageProcessing.ImgDiff.update ( byte[]  data,
int  w,
int  h 
) [virtual]

Function to pass camera frame for native, FastCV processing.

dataByte buffer for data.
wWidth of data
hHeight of data

Implements com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.base.GraphicalActivity.

Field Documentation

Android UI button to get the reference frame

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