FastCV Sample Application  1.7.1
com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.apis.featureDetection.Corner Class Reference

Inherits com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.base.GraphicalActivity.

Public Member Functions

boolean onOptionsItemSelected (MenuItem item)
native void update (byte[] data, int w, int h)
native void cleanup ()
native String detectionMethod ()

Protected Member Functions

void initTitle ()
void onResume ()
void updatePreferences ()
void startPreview ()
void stopPreview ()
void setupCamera ()
native void setFastCornerThreshold (int threshold)
native void setScaling (int scaleFactor)
native void setViewFinderEnable (boolean enableViewFinder)
native void setOverlayPixelsEnable (boolean enableOverlayPixels)
native void setGaussianEnable (boolean enableGaussian)
native void setDetection (int detectionSwitch)
native int getNumCorners ()

Protected Attributes

Runnable mUpdateTimeTask

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Member Function Documentation

Performs native cleanup routines for application exit.

Implements com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.base.GraphicalActivity.

Retrieves the name of the detection method being used.

Retrieves the latest number of corners for debug purposes.

int Number of corners.

Function which retrieves title based on module used.

Implements com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.base.GraphicalActivity.

Resumes camera preview

Reimplemented from com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.base.GraphicalActivity.

native void com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.apis.featureDetection.Corner.setDetection ( int  detectionSwitch) [protected]

Sets the detection function to be used.

Sets the native FAST corner threshold.

thresholdBarrier threshold to FAST Corner algorithm.
native void com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.apis.featureDetection.Corner.setGaussianEnable ( boolean  enableGaussian) [protected]

Enables/disables blurring camera image before processing corners.

enableGaussianFlag enables/disables Gaussian blurring.
native void com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.apis.featureDetection.Corner.setOverlayPixelsEnable ( boolean  enableOverlayPixels) [protected]

Enables/disables overlaying of pixels.

enableOverlayPixelsFlag to enable/disable pixel overlay.
native void com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.apis.featureDetection.Corner.setScaling ( int  scaleFactor) [protected]

Sets the desired scaling factor.

scaleFactorDesired scaling factor, 1 is no scaling.

Sets up camera configuration parameters

Reimplemented from com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.base.GraphicalActivity.

native void com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.apis.featureDetection.Corner.setViewFinderEnable ( boolean  enableViewFinder) [protected]

Enables caller to disable camera backdrop.

enableViewFinderFlag to enable/disable camera backdrop.

Starts camera preview

Reimplemented from com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.base.GraphicalActivity.

native void com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.apis.featureDetection.Corner.update ( byte[]  data,
int  w,
int  h 
) [virtual]

Function to pass camera frame for native, FastCV processing.

dataByte buffer for data.
wWidth of data
hHeight of data

Implements com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.base.GraphicalActivity.

Field Documentation

Handler for FPS display. Want to do this periodically to not waste CPU.

Reimplemented from com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.base.GraphicalActivity.

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