FastCV Sample Application  1.7.1
com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.apis.About Class Reference

Inherits PreferenceActivity.

Public Member Functions

native String getFastCVVersion ()

Protected Member Functions

void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)

Static Protected Attributes

static final String TAG = "FastCVDemo"

Package Functions

System. loadLibrary ("fastcvFeatDetect")

Static Package Functions

static Log. v (TAG,"About: load fastcvFeatDetect library")

Detailed Description

About class. Some configurations for About menu is done in the xml file.

Member Function Documentation

void com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.apis.About.onCreate ( Bundle  savedInstanceState) [inline, protected]

Called when the activity is first created.

Field Documentation

final String com.qualcomm.fastcvdemo.apis.About.TAG = "FastCVDemo" [static, protected]

Logging tag

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