FastCV Sample Application  1.7.1
com.qualcomm.fastcorner.SplashScreenView Class Reference

Inherits ImageView.

Public Member Functions

 SplashScreenView (SplashScreen splashScreen)
void onSettingsChanged ()
void animateHiding (final Runnable closedCallback)
boolean onTouchEvent (MotionEvent event)

Protected Member Functions

void onAttachedToWindow ()
void onDetachedFromWindow ()
void onStartupAnimationEnded ()
void onReenterAnimationEnded ()

Package Functions

void setDisableOptionsPopup (boolean disable)

Detailed Description

SplashScreenView is an ImageView for displaying the splash screen when client launch FastCV sample application

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Constructor of SpalshScreenView

splashScreenthe activity that shows the splash screen

Member Function Documentation

void com.qualcomm.fastcorner.SplashScreenView.animateHiding ( final Runnable  closedCallback) [inline]

Make the splash screen smoothly disappear and invoke a call-back when done.

closedCallbackthe call back to invoke when the animation ends

Called when the view is attached to a window.

Called when the view is detached from a window.

Called when the splash screen animation done at reenter. It will open the option menu.

Notify the SplashScreen that the App config changed

Called when the splash screen animation done at startup. It will open the option menu.

boolean com.qualcomm.fastcorner.SplashScreenView.onTouchEvent ( MotionEvent  event) [inline]

Called when a touch screen motion event occurs.

eventThe motion event

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