Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has quickly gained traction and popularity over traditional console and PC gaming as players seek to play anytime and anywhere. We are also seeing an increase in multiplayer gaming with rich graphics and 3D audio for immersive experiences on smartphones and other mobile devices that might be watched by others around the globe.

Helping to fuel this revolution are powerful mobile gaming platforms such as those powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platforms including the Snapdragon 888 mobile platform with integrated Elite Gaming features that provides the visuals, performance, and audio features designed to fuel next-level gaming experiences.


Snapdragon mobile platforms help your games run quickly and efficiently thanks to the Snapdragon core hardware architecture featuring the Qualcomm® Hexagon™ DSP, Qualcomm® Kryo™ CPU, and Qualcomm® Adreno™ GPU.

And you can add artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities with the Qualcomm® Neural Processing SDK.

Game Development Tools

We have a number of resources available to help you create and optimize your gaming applications and solutions for rich, on-device experiences.

  • Game Developer Guides: Use the Game Developer Guides to create best-in-class mobile gaming experiences. The guide consists of additional insight on the various Snapdragon platform cores, documentation on tools, middleware, and SDKs, as well as tutorials about specific topics with real-world scenarios.
  • Graphics: Use the Adreno GPU SDK to take advantage of the Adreno GPU found on our Snapdragon platforms. The Adreno GPU includes support for Vulkan, OpenGL ES, OpenCL, and DirectX.
  • Digital Signal Processing: The Hexagon DSP SDK helps you optimize the features and performance of your games and multimedia software. These optimizations accelerate audio, imaging, embedded vision, and heterogeneous computing on the Hexagon DSP.
  • App Performance Optimization: Snapdragon Developer Tools help you optimize your games running on Snapdragon mobile platforms. These tools include:
  • Native Android Compilation: Snapdragon LLVM Compiler for Android provides native (C/C++) compilation for Android designed to help you improve performance when using the Android NDK.
  • Qualcomm® 3D Audio Suite:
    • Qualcomm 3D Audio Tools are designed to help you create, capture, and render true-to-life immersive 3D audio experiences for games.
    • Qualcomm 3D Audio Plugin for Unity helps you integrate binaural spatial audio for games developed in Unity. This includes support for 64 simultaneous spatialized sound objects, two simultaneous ambisonic sound fields, and customizable shoebox reverb with low motion-to-sound latency.
  • Neural Network Optimization: The Qualcomm® Neural Processing SDK is engineered to help you save time and effort in developing trained neural networks for games running on devices powered by Snapdragon mobile platforms. Deep Learning algorithms are computationally intensive, so having this dedicated tool helps you determine how best to run your applications on a mobile device, without a connection to the cloud. These frameworks have been optimized for the Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK:

Game Hardware Development Tools

We have a number of resources available to help you create game applications and resources for different types of devices.

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Other Resources

  • 5G Future of Mobile Games eBook. We have teamed up with the IMGA (International Mobile Gaming Awards) to provide this report filled with details on how 5G is impacting mobile gaming. It also includes insight from industry influencers and game changers from companies like Supercell, Cotton, Activision, SuperEvilMegaCorp, and others that share their excitement of the 5G opportunity with mobile games.