1. After you download Trepn Profiler, extract the files in the zipped package to a location on your hard drive. Note the location of the folder you unzip the files to (e.g. C:\Trepn)
  2. Open a command window
  3. Make sure your device (e.g., the Snapdragon MDP) is connected to the computer via USB
  4. Type "adb devices" to ensure the device is recognized. If the PATH variable has been updated and the USB drivers are correctly installed, then the devices listed should be similar to this:

    List of devices attached
    1234567890ABCDEF device

  5. Type "adb install –r <full path to APK file>" to install the application. The "-r" option will overwrite the application if it is already installed on the device. For example, "adb install –r C:\Trepn.apk" if that is where the APK file is located on your computer.
  6. If the installation succeeds, you will see the word "Success" printed on the command window. If nothing is printed, check the list of installed applications on the device, and see if Trepn Profiler is listed. If so, then open the application and check if the version + date correspond to the APK being installed.

Learn more information on using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) tool for installing applications.