Snapdragon SDK for Android

A product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Snapdragon SDK for Android The Snapdragon SDK for Android is designed to make it easy to integrate facial processing and facial recognition features into your application.

Facial processing can help you to profile faces in your app. The Snapdragon SDK makes it possible to detect a smile, determine where the eyes are looking, and detect blinking. Using this, you can create new interactions and enhance the user experience by doing things like integrating with real-time camera preview or analyzing photos in a photo album.
You can track a variety of facial properties with each frame:

  • Blink Detection – measure how open each eye is
  • Gaze Tracking – assess where the subject is looking
  • Smile Value – estimate the degree of the smile
  • Face Orientation – track the Yaw, Pitch and Roll of the head

These capabilities work with both real-time and stored images or videos, so your app can integrate them for different kinds of uses.

Go beyond face detection and perform real-time face analysis to identify people.  You can use these Snapdragon SDK for Android capabilities to develop apps that can add users to an internal database through face registration and then identify users based on facial analysis. Thes features do not use any cloud-based recognition and are done entirely offline.

These features allow your app to interact with a user in more ways:

  • Profiles – enable per-user settings and preferences
  • Turn-based gaming – allow players to take turns by setting up the UI specific to each player
  • Photo apps – run automated framing or facial processing to set up preferred users for picture taking

This feature set works with both real-time and stored images or videos.

Magisto Screenshot

Snapdragon SDK in Action

Magisto utilized the Snapdragon SDK facial processing and facial recognition APIs to help emphasize the most important characters in a movie.