Release Notes

What's new in Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine (NPE) SDK v1.2.2?

This is our first public release on Qualcomm Developer Network.

  • Available on Qualcomm Developer Network for download and usage
  • Support for reshape and permute layers
  • Enhancements to Caffe2
  • Documentation updates

What's new in Snapdragon NPE SDK v1.2.0?

This release was primarily meant for Caffe2 support.

What's new in Snapdragon NPE SDK v1.0.2?

This release was meant to add support for the newest Snapdragon mobile platforms.

What's new in Snapdragon NPE SDK v1.0?

This release mainly introduced TensorFlow support and stabilized the APIs.

  • Official TensorFlow conversion support
  • DSP runtime support
  • New dlc-quantize tool
  • API changes (non-backwards compatible changes were made)
    • DLC files created prior to 1.0 release need to be regenerated