Quick Start Guide

Follow these steps to create, compile, launch, and debug a sample Android Application.


System Requirements


  • PC (Windows 7 or Windows 8)



  • Android Device with Android 4.4+

Launch Setup and Configuration

  1. Run the Snapdragon Debugger for Visual Studio installer and follow the setup steps. Be sure to restart any running instances of Microsoft Visual Studio after the installation is complete
  2. Open Microsoft Visual Studio and select File→New→Project from the main toolbar menu.
  3. Under Templates→Visual C++ select the Android option. Select the sanangeles project and the location for the project to be created, and click OK.


  5. Plug your Android device into your Host PC via USB. Ensure that the device is recognized as a device using the adb devices command.
  6. In Microsoft Visual Studio’s Solution Explorer, right click on the sanangeles project and click build. Your project should compile and deploy onto the device.
  7. Set a breakpoint in the project code as you normally would in Visual Studio. If using the sanangeles demo, a good place to set the breakpoint is:
    File: demo.c
    Function: appRender( long, int, int)
    Line: 755
  8. Select Tools→Android GDB from the Visual Studio Menu. When prompted, select your solution name and click launch.
  9. Observe the application starting on the device and then the breakpoint being hit. From there, the debugging functionality described in the User Guide will be available.



  • Debugger FAQ
  • Debugger Support Forum
  • Documentation is installed along with the tool. You can find the documentation in the Windows Start Menu if you go to Start→Programs→Qualcomm→QC Debugger

Known Limitations

The user must compile and deploy the application they are debugging from Visual Studio. We do not support debugging applications that were not compiled inside the Snapdragon Debugger for Visual Studio Environment in this release.

The debugger takes some time to connect, which can cause the application to trigger an ANR in the case of applications with larger symbol files. It is strongly recommended that you use a USB 3.0 connection if available.

Snapdragon Debugger for Visual Studio only functions correctly with one Android device attached to the host PC at a time. Running with more than one device or emulator attached could lead to undefined behavior.