What is Snapdragon Debugger for Eclipse?
Snapdragon Debugger for Eclipse is a plug-in tool to Eclipse IDE that enables variety of APIs debugging for today’s devices powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

Currently this tool can be used for debugging Android applications from command-line and within the Eclipse environment. It is available to debug native C/C++ code, and OpenCL kernels. Debugging Java code is not supported.

What are the system requirements for Snapdragon Debugger for Eclipse?
An Android device with Adreno A3x or A4x GPU and a PC running Windows 7, Ubuntu Linux or Mac OSX. A special version of Eclipse is required because the debugger can also run as an Eclipse plugin, besides the command-line interface.

What are the software requirements to use Snapdragon Debugger for Eclipse?

  • Eclipse IDE for Java Developers – Juno SR1 Package
  • Android SDK
  • Android NDK

Does Snapdragon Debugger for Eclipse also work on non-Snapdragon devices?
Yes, but functionality is limited to C/C++ NDK debugging only. A Snapdragon processor is required in order to debug OpenCL kernels.

What devices does Snapdragon Debugger for Eclipse support?
The OpenCL kernel debugging feature of Snapdragon Debugger for Eclipse requires availability of OpenCL commercial driver in the Snapdragon devices, which is ultimately the device manufacturer’s decision. We have tested on commercial Adreno 3xx and Adreno 4xx devices, including the Samsung Note 4 and LG G3 (Cat 6 Korea version).

The NDK code debugging with Snapdragon Debugger for Eclipse works with all Android devices.

Setup and Installation

Where does the tool install to?
The tool will install to C:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\Snapdragon Debugger for Eclipse.

Will installing this tool modify my environmental variables at all?


What debugging features does Snapdragon Debugger for Eclipse support?

For Native C/C++ applications:

  • Breakpoints
  • Single stepping through native and/or assembly code
  • Call stack tracing
  • Register viewing/modification
  • Local and global variable viewing/modification

For OpenCL kernels:

  • Kernel and work-item breakpoints
  • Single stepping
  • Local variable viewing
  • Memory viewing/modification

Can Snapdragon Debugger for Eclipse debug multithreaded applications?
Yes, there is multithreaded application support.

Can Snapdragon Debugger for Eclipse debug shared libraries compiled by third parties?
Yes, although you will need to provide the symbols and source code.