Getting Started Guide

What is FastCV?

FastCV is a computer vision library being released by Qualcomm. The library is targeted toward very sophisticated Computer Vision (CV) application developers who are interested in writing CV applications that run on mobile devices. FastCV is specifically designed to run efficiently on Android mobile devices, but it is anticipated that subsequent versions of FastCV will support mobile devices running on iOS and WinPhone operating systems.  

The FastCV library will be released as a unified binary. This unified binary file has a single API, but contains two implementations. The first implementation is designed to run efficiently on any ARM processor, and is named ‘FastCV for ARM.’ The second FastCV implementation runs only on Qualcomm SoC’s and is called ‘FastCV for Snapdragon.’ ‘FastCV for Snapdragon’ has the same API as ‘FastCV for ARM,’ but it provides hardware accelerated implementations of the CV functions included in the library.

Please feel free to download the FastCV SDK.

Document Overview

The purpose of this document is to help a developer get started evaluating our FastCV Library. Download a copy of the FastCV SDK.

Step 1: Settting up the Developer Environment:

  • Explain how to configure a development environment so that the FastCV Sample Application can be tried out.

Step 2: Install the FastCV SDK

  • Explain how to install the FastCV SDK

Step3: Compile and running a FastCV sample application

  • Compilation and installation instructions for our Android Fast Corner Detection Sample Application that utilizes our FastCV library.