Snapdragon Auto Connectivity Tutorial Videos

Here are several tutorial videos to help get you started with your Snapdragon® Auto Connectivity Development. If you cannot access our videos hosted on YouTube below, we have also posted on our Qualcomm CSDN site.

Telematics Application Framework Overview
Get to know what makes up the Snapdragon® Telematics Application Framework, or TelAF. This video uses a block diagram to show the microservices architecture of TelAF, and the relationships among the core services and telematics-oriented business services.
Telematics Application Framework Debug Tools
The Telematics Application Framework includes several tools you can use to debug the apps and services you create with the framework. This video introduces you to the most common, useful tools.
How to Develop with VoiceCallApp
This video walks you through the Telematics Application Framework (TelAF) VoiceCallApp API and shows you the app structure and developer tools.
Telematics Application Framework KeyStore Service
This video describes the features of the KeyStore service in the Telematics Application Framework (TelAF), including a walkthrough of a sample app for encryption, decryption and verification.
Telematics Application Framework eCall Application
This video describes the Telematics Application Framework (TelAF) features of eCall, or emergency calling. It includes a walkthrough of a sample eCall application.
Car-to-Cloud SOTA Demo
This video provides a walk-through demonstration of Car-to-Cloud (C2C) software over-the-air (SOTA) with the Snapdragon Telematics Application Framework (TelAF). The video will show you how to install, start, stop, and uninstall software packages on a NAD device.

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