Quick Start Guide

This guide will help you install and profile any Android app using App Tune-up Kit.

Launch Setup and Configuration

  1. After you download App Tune-up Kit, extract the files in the zipped package to a location on your hard drive. Note the location of the folder you unzip the files to.
  2. Open a command window.
  3. Make sure your mobile device is connected to the computer via USB.
  4. Type "adb devices" to ensure the device is recognized. If the PATH variable has been updated and the USB drivers are correctly installed, then the devices listed should be similar to this:  

        Qualcomm App Tune-up Kit command screen with grey type. The 4th line on the screen reads list of devices attached. 

  5. Type "adb install -r <full path to APK file>" to install the application. The "-r" option will overwrite the application but not the settings if it is already installed on the device. For example, "adb install -r C:\tuneupkit.apk" if that is where the APK file is located on your computer.
  6. After the installation is complete, you will see the word "Success" in the command window.

    Qualcomm App Tune-up Kit command screen with grey type. The 4th line on the screen reads Success.

How to Test an Application

After installing App Tune-up Kit, follow these steps to test any Android app:

Before you test: Make sure your mobile device is not charging over USB or wireless and close all apps. This is often done by holding down the Home key and swiping apps from the Recent Apps list.

  1. Select an app to test. The selected app will launch and App Tune-up Kit will move to the background.

    Tip: If the app you wish to test takes more than a few seconds to launch, you should touch the Back button, return to App Tune-up Kit and touch the Stop Profiling button. Then launch the app from the Android home screen and wait for it to finish launching. If additional software downloads are required, you should wait for those to finish. After the app is ready to test, use the Recent Apps list to go back to App Tune-up Kit and select the app you previously launched.
  2. Use the app you are testing like you normally would until the profiling duration has expired and App Tune-up Kit is brought to the foreground. After profiling has completed the dashboard will show how the app compares to the top twenty apps in Google Play.
  3. Select the category for the app you tested by touching where it says “All Applications” in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The dashboard will now show how the app compares to the most popular apps in the selected category.
  4. Scroll down to view the rest of the data in the report.
  5. You may want to save your test results by touching the disk icon near the top of the screen.

It’s recommended you profile an app several times. If you see a large difference in the results between consecutive runs, profile again. Please refer to the App Tune-up Kit FAQ for more information. If you are a software developer, it’s recommended that you use Snapdragon Profiler to visually correlate power spikes to other actions and look closer at graphic performance.

How to Get Support

Support for App Tune-up Kit is provided online. If you have questions, check the FAQ first. If you don’t find an answer there, please go to the forum. You can also provide feedback from within App Tune-up Kit using the ‘Feedback’ button that appears when you swipe your finger to the right on the home screen.