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App Tune-up Kit is an innovative way for developers to profile and analyze any Android application in just 60 seconds. With one touch, you can evaluate app performance in five critical areas: CPU, GPU, Power, Thermal and Mobile Data.

App Tune-up Kit is one of the easiest ways for you to compare your app to another and see whether it performs above, below or at par with other popular apps in Google Play. App Tune-up Kit also helps you improve the quality of your apps. Unlike other profiling software, no configuration, instruction or analysis of complicated charts is required. Detailed recommendations are provided based on the results of each test, so you can use the time you save profiling to minimize power consumption and maximize the performance of your apps. Plus, quickly compare any two Android apps to see the percentage differences between them.

App Tune-up Kit features:

  • One touch analysis of any Android app in only 60 seconds
  • Evaluates performance in 5 critical areas: CPU, GPU, power, thermal and network usage
  • Results appear in an easy-to-understand dashboard
  • Reports accurate FPS on supported apps* (Beta feature)
  • Compares any app with the Google Play Top 20**
  • Shows the differences between two apps in 30 areas
  • No ads, analytics or data collection
  • Recommendations help developers improve their apps** (Beta feature)
  • Automatically estimates real-time power consumption when direct power readings are not available

App Tune-up Kit provides actionable data:

  • A report with over 30 different data points is available for those who wish to see more details
  • Detailed reports can be shared via email (or other methods) so they can be viewed on a computer

* FPS only available on devices with Snapdragon 805 (or later) processors
** App rating and recommendations is currently only available on mobile devices with Snapdragon S4 Pro, Snapdragon 800, Snapdragon 801, Snapdragon 805, and Snapdragon 810 processors. Direct power, GPU load, processor temperature and mobile data are not available on all devices. See the FAQ for more info.


    App tune-up kit home screen and GPU comparison

    App tune-up kit comparison screen