AllJoyn Proximal Connectivity Platform

AllJoyn is a collaborative open source project of the AllSeen Alliance.

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Objects at home, on the road, at work, play or any time of day are waiting for re-invention. We’re at the beginning of how billions of devices can – and will – be connected and communicate with each other.

Join Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc., and other Internet of Everything (IoE) visionaries developing with AllJoyn®, a collaborative open source project of the AllSeen Alliance to create new AllJoyn-enabled applications and services to contribute and expand the broader IoE ecosystem. With the interoperability that AllJoyn offers, you can scale across an abundance of smart things, while delivering compelling, individual experiences.

AllJoyn makes it easier to capitalize and create new and immersive experiences by enabling apps to connect, control and share resources with other nearby apps and connected smart things. You can be confident that this open, secure and universal framework and core set of services enables interoperability among nearby devices, products and applications across platforms and operating systems, so you can focus on your ideas and business.  

Design for performance and ease
Whether you develop for applications, smartphones, tablets, televisions, or other smart connected devices, AllJoyn may reduce the time, effort, and cost of adding advanced features to apps and help ensure interoperability across device types and operating systems.

Open source, secure and mobile optimized, AllJoyn offers:

  • Interoperable support for a wide variety of OSs for broader reach across device types and new product categories
  • Flexible, easy-to-use API framework for less time coding and more time creating
  • Things in the Internet of Everything to be programmable by exposing capabilities as APIs and enabling ‘device introspection;’
    • AllJoyn-enabled smart appliances and devices can dynamically discover and leverage other resources or capabilities from nearby connected devices allowing developers to create new app experiences, use cases and business models that bridge product categories
  • Ability to share controls across apps and devices, creating new opportunities to engage consumer social behavior
  • Easy discovery and group formation among devices, harnessing dynamic possibilities in the proximal environment

Ready. Set. Code.
To find out more about the AllJoyn and the growing ecosystem of the AllSeen Alliance, download code or jump into support forums, visit the AllSeen Alliance.