What is Adreno Profiler?
Adreno Profiler is a performance profiling and frame debugging tool for graphics and GPGPU compute applications running on devices powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors.. It supports OpenGL ES, OpenCL, and DirectX profiling and debugging.

If Snapdragon Profiler is recommended, why is Adreno Profiler still available?
Snapdragon Profiler requires Android 5.0 and a mobile device with a Snapdragon 805 or newer processor. If you are still using an older mobile device, use Adreno Profiler.

What are the system requirements for Adreno Profiler?
A PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8, Ubuntu 12.04+, or OS X with an Adreno 2xx, 3xx, or 4xx GPU device. For OpenGL ES emulation, your PC must support OpenGL 3.3 or greater for OpenGL ES 3.0 applications, or OpenGL 4.4 for OpenGL ES 3.1 and AEP applications.

ADB must be in your system path.

Does Adreno Profiler also work on devices without Snapdragon processors?
Adreno Profiler only works on Android and Windows Phone devices with the Adreno GPU powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

Setup and Installation

What is the installation procedure for Adreno Profiler?
Run the installer executable on your host PC. The installer will walk you through the required steps, and prompt you for any dependencies that it cannot find.

We recommend running the installer with administrator privileges.

Where does the tool install to?
The tool will install to C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Adreno Profiler

Is a 32-bit install of Adreno Profiler available?
No, we only provide 64-bit versions of Adreno Profiler.


What profiling features does Adreno Profiler support?
Adreno Profiler supports the following features:

  • Monitor real-time GPU performance
  • Capture a frame and debug by stepping through API calls
  • Analyze performance per draw call
  • View textures, programs, shaders, and other resources
  • View shader statistics

Can Adreno Profiler help me with frame stutter?
Yes. Adreno Profiler can help you understand CPU vs GPU bottlenecks, and if it’s a GPU bottleneck where it may be occurring in your rendering algorithm when using the Adreno GPU.

Can Adreno Profiler provide CPU utilization, power, or other non-GPU performance metrics?
No, at this time Adreno Profiler can only provide performance information about the Adreno GPU.


Adreno Profiler says it cannot find ADB. What should I do?
Adreno Profiler requires that ADB is accessible in the system PATH. Please add the location of ADB on your system to your system PATH variable.

Why can’t Adreno Profiler find my OpenGL ES graphics application when I try to connect?
There may be several reasons:

  • For OpenGL ES, your graphics application must create a context.
  • We recommend opening Adreno Profiler, selecting Connect, and then starting your application on the device to help Adreno Profiler find your application.
  • While we work hard to prevent it from happening, some devices do not ship with Adreno Profiler enabled. We recommend developers use the Nexus family of devices for their baseline graphics application profiling and debugging.

When capturing a frame in Scrubber GL I receive a warning that OpenGL 3.3 is required. What does this mean?
To render the frame on your PC, Adreno Profiler requires your PC to support all the same features that are supported on the mobile device. This warning is telling you that your PC does not support all of the required features and will not be able to render certain OpenGL ES features in your frame playback.

When will Adreno Profiler support Vulkan?
Since Snapdragon Profiler is replacing Adreno Profiler all of the Vulkan-related features are being added to it. It supports the following Vulkan performance profiling features: API Trace and rendering stages. Vulkan snapshot support will be available in a future Snapdragon Profiler update.