Telematics SDK - User Guide  v1.11.0
How to get data profile list

Please follow below steps to request list of available modem profiles

1. Get the DataFactory and DataProfileManager instances

auto &dataFactory = DataFactory::getInstance();
auto dataProfileMgr = dataFactory.getDataProfileManager();

2. Instantiate requestProfileList callback

auto dataProfileListCb_ = std::make_shared<DataProfileListCallback>();

2.1 Implement IDataProfileListCallback interface to know status of requestProfileList

class DataProfileListCallback : public telux::common::IDataProfileListCallback {
virtual void onProfileListResponse(const std::vector<std::shared_ptr<DataProfile>> &profiles,
telux::common::ErrorCode error) override {
std::cout<<"Length of available profiles are "<<profiles.size()<<std::endl;

3. Send a requestProfileList along with required callback function

telux::common::Status status = dataProfileMgr->requestProfileList(dataProfileListCb_);

4. Receive DataProfileListCallback responses for requestProfileList request