Telematics SDK - User Guide  v1.11.0
Using SAP APIs

Please follow below steps to use SAP APIs to send APDU and listen to SAP events

1. Get the PhoneFactory and PhoneManager instances.

auto &phoneFactory = PhoneFactory::getInstance();
auto phoneManager = phoneFactory.getPhoneManager();

2. Wait for the telephony subsystem initialization.

bool subSystemsStatus = cardManager->isSubsystemReady();
if(!subSystemsStatus) {
std::cout << "Telephony subsystem is not ready, wait for it to be ready " << std::endl;
std::future<bool> f = cardManager->onSubsystemReady();
auto status = f.wait_for(std::chrono::seconds(5));
if(status == std::future_status::ready) {
subSystemsStatus = true;

3. Get default Sap Card Manager instance

std::shared_ptr<ISapCardManager> sapCardMgr = phoneFactory.getSapCardManager();

4. Instantiate ICommandResponseCallback, IAtrResponseCallback and ISapCardCommandCallback

auto mySapCmdResponseCb = std::make_shared<MySapCommandResponseCallback>();
auto myAtrCb = std::make_shared<MyAtrResponseCallback>();
auto myTransmitApduResponseCb = std::make_shared<MySapTransmitApduResponseCallback>();
4.1 Implementation of ICommandResponseCallback interface for receiving notifications on sap events like open connection and close connection
class MySapCommandResponseCallback : public ICommandResponseCallback {
void commandResponse(ErrorCode error);
void MySapCommandResponseCallback::commandResponse(ErrorCode error) {
std::cout << "commandResponse, error: " << (int)error << std::endl;
4.2 Implementation of IAtrResponseCallback interface for receiving notification on sap event like request answer to reset(ATR)
class MyAtrResponseCallback : public IAtrResponseCallback {
void atrResponse(std::vector<int> responseAtr, ErrorCode error);
void MyAtrResponseCallback::atrResponse(std::vector<int> responseAtr, ErrorCode error) {
std::cout << "atrResponse, error: " << (int)error << std::endl;
4.3 Implementation of ISapCardCommandCallback interface for receiving notification on sap event like transmit apdu.
class MySapTransmitApduResponseCallback : public ISapCardCommandCallback {
void onResponse(IccResult result, ErrorCode error);
void MySapTransmitApduResponseCallback::onResponse(IccResult result, ErrorCode error) {
std::cout << "transmitApduResponse, error: " << (int)error << std::endl;

5. Open Sap connection and wait for request to complete

sapCardMgr->openConnection(SapCondition::SAP_CONDITION_BLOCK_VOICE_OR_DATA, mySapCmdResponseCb);
std::cout << "Opening SAP connection to Transmit the APDU..." << std::endl;

6. request sap ATR and wait for complete


7. send sap apdu and wait for the request to complete

std::cout << "Transmit Sap APDU request made..." << std::endl;
Status ret = sapCardMgr->transmitApdu(CLA, INSTRUCTION, P1, P2, LC, DATA, 0,

8. close sap connection and wait for the request to complete