Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine SDK
Reference Guide
TensorFlow Setup

A TensorFlow installation is required if the SNPE SDK is going to be used with TensorFlow.

Get TensorFlow

  • Instructions for TensorFlow setup are Follow instructions to install TensorFlow on Ubuntu Linux.
    • The SNPE SDK has been tested with TensorFlow v1.6 and Tensorflow v2.3
  • Note: snpe-tensorflow-to-dlc has been updated to support conversion of Tensorflow 2.3 models. While some TF 1.x models may convert successfully using Tensorflow 2.3 as the conversion framework it is generally recommended that the same TF version for training the model be used for conversion. Some older 1.x models may not convert at all using TF 2.3 and a TF 1.x instance may be required for successful conversion.
  • Continue with the rest of the SNPE Setup