Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine SDK
Reference Guide
Caffe & Caffe2 Setup

Get Caffe

A Caffe installation is required if the SNPE SDK is going to be used with Caffe.

  • To clone and build Caffe from open source ( use git commit SHA 18b09e807a6e146750d84e89a961ba8e678830b4 as this SHA has been tested with the SNPE SDK. Other SHAs may also work but have not been tested.
    cd <path_to_caffe>
    git reset --hard 18b09e807a6e146750d84e89a961ba8e678830b4
  • Instructions to build Caffe on ubuntu 16.04 are available here:
  • A list of commands needed as part of compiling and installing Caffe are available here: A summary of the necessary steps is provided below.
    cp Makefile.config.example Makefile.config
    make all
    make test
    make runtest
    make distribute
    make pycaffe <---- This is an important step because
                       snpe-caffe-to-dlc conversion script
                       relies on Caffe python bindings
  • Now continue with the rest of the SNPE Setup

Get Caffe2

Caffe2 is a rapidly evolving project. You may install Caffe2 from prebuilt binaries for Ubuntu or build from sources.

This link (Caffe2) provides the most up to date instructions for setting up Caffe2.