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FastCV provides two main features to computer vision application developers:

  • First, it provides a library of frequently used computer vision (CV) functions, optimized to run efficiently on mobile devices.
  • Second, it provides a clean processor-agnostic hardware acceleration API, under which chipset vendors can hardware accelerate FastCV functions on their hardware.

FastCV 1.7.1 supports Android and Windows mobile developers. FastCV 1.7.1 is available for download for free from developer.qualcomm.com.

FastCV 1.7.1 is released as a unified binary, a single binary containing two implementations of the library.

  • The first implementation runs on ARM processor, and is referred to as the "FastCV for ARM."
  • The second implementation runs only on Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets, and is called "FastCV for Snapdragon."

Releases are generally motivated for the following reasons:

  • Changes to previously released APIs
  • Addition of new functions
  • Performance improvements and/or bug fixes - also known as implementation modifications

Each motivation has a varying degree of impact on the user of the library. The general release numbering scheme captures this variety of motivations.

Given release ID: A.B.C

An increase in "A" indicates that a previously released API has changed, so a developer may encounter compilation issues which require modification of their code in order to adhear to the modified API. Qualcomm will make every effort to minimize these changes. Additionally, new functions and implementation modifications may be present.

An increase in "B" indicates that new functions have been added to the library, so additional functionality is available, however existing APIs have not changed. Additionally, implementation modifications may be present.

An increase in "C" indicates that implementation modifications only have been made.

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