Machine Vision  v1.2.13
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Qualcomm's Machine Vision SDK provides highly runtime optimized and state of the art computer vision algorithms to enable such features as localization, autonomy, and obstacle avoidance. Some example features included are:

  • Camera Auto-Calibration (CAC) for on-line monocular camera calibration.
  • Camera Parameter Adjustment (CPA) for auto gain and exposure control.
  • Depth from Stereo (DFS) for dense depth mapping.
  • Downward Facing Tracker (DFT) for relative localization.
  • Stereo Auto-Calibration (SAC) for on-line calibration of a stereo camera rig.
  • Sequence Reader/Write (SRW) for reading and writing MV data sequences.
  • Visual-Inertial Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (VISLAM) for 6-DOF localization and pose estimation.
  • Voxel Map (VM) for 3D depth fusion and mapping.