Qualcomm Computer Vision SDK

Qualcomm Computer Vision SDK (formally known as FastCV) enables new user experiences in camera-based apps such as:
  • Gesture recognition
  • Face detection, tracking, and recognition
  • Text recognition and tracking
  • Augmented reality

The Qualcomm Computer Vision SDK library offers a mobile-optimized computer vision (CV) library which includes the most frequently used vision processing functions for use across a wide array of mobile devices including mass-market handsets. Middleware developers can use Qualcomm Computer Vision SDK to build the frameworks needed by developers of computer vision apps. Developers of advanced CV applications can use Qualcomm Computer Vision SDK functions directly in their application.

Qualcomm Computer Vision SDK is designed for efficiency on all ARM-based processors but is tuned to take advantage of the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (S2 and above). This provides the most widely used, computationally intensive vision processing APIs with hardware acceleration and better performance on mobile devices.

Download the Qualcomm Computer Vision SDK . This SDK contains tools and resources needed to get started, including a sample app to help kick start development. Refer to API reference for information on including CV processing in various use cases.