Build and deploy sample applications

Sample code to test device functionality is available on github. Please follow the steps below to clone the repository.

  1. Get the list of devices:
    c:\Windows\:>adb devices
    List of devices attached
  2. Go into the terminal via adb shell or ssh. In the following example below, it is done via ssh:
    c:\Windows\:>ssh [email protected]#
  3. Create a directory:
    #mkdir -p ~/DEVELOPMENT/qrb5165
  4. Clone the git repository:
    #git clone
Sample projects available in the repository show how to create and apply real world use-cases. They exercise the multiple subsystems of the QRB5165 platform including:
  • Camera
  • Graphics
  • Video
  • Machine Learning ML
  • vSLAM
  • Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK for AI
  • Multimedia Framework
  • Audio

These can be found in the cloned git repository or on github.