Chipset and SOM details

QRB5165 chipset pairings:
ProcessorPMICWi-Fi (11ax/Bluetooth)Audio 2

Qualcomm® PMK8002

Qualcomm® PM8250

Qualcomm® PM8150B

Qualcomm® PM8150A or Qualcomm®PM8150L*

Qualcomm® PM3003A -5

Qualcomm® PM8009*

Qualcomm® SMB1355 or Qualcomm® SMB1390**

Qualcomm® QCA63913*** (FCNSP) or

Qualcomm® QCA6390 (Bumped die)

Qualcomm® WCD9380/ WCD93854****

Qualcomm® WSA881x


  • *The SOM on the development kit uses PM8150L.
  • **SMB1355 or SMB1390 is optional for parallel charging with additional charging capability.  The RB5 SOM uses SMB1390.
  • ***The SOM on the development kit uses QCA6391.
  • ****WCD9380/WCD9385 and WSA881x are optional, the SOM does not have the codec.
Figure : 1. Platform Mainboard Block Diagram

Figure : 2. Key components on mainboard

Figure : 3. QRB5165 SOM Block diagram

Figure : 4. Key components on SOM

Mezzanine board(s) for additional peripherals

The Qualcomm® Robotics RB5 Platform conforms to the 96board CE specification for dimensions, peripherals, expansion headers and functionality -

The development kit mainboard with Vision Mezzanine is shown in the following figure as an example. The Vision Mezzanine comes with IMX577 and OV9282 cameras and a supporting bracket to mount those cameras. Developers can also get the Intel Realsense camera or Panasonic ToF camera separately and mount it on the same bracket.