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Qualcomm FastCV Computer Vision SDK offers a mobile-optimized computer vision (CV) library designed to support new user experiences like gesture recognition, face detection, tracking and recognition, augmented reality and more.

Qualcomm®Hexagon™ DSP SDK is designed to optimize the features and performance of multimedia software and AI. These optimizations help allow audio, imaging, embedded vision, heterogeneous computing acceleration and machine learning on the Hexagon DSP to create compelling multimedia and AI user experiences.

Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK The Qualcomm® Neural Processing SDK for artificial intelligence (AI) is designed to help developers run one or more neural network models trained in Caffe/Caffe2, ONNX, or TensorFlow on Snapdragon mobile platforms, whether that is the CPU, GPU or DSP.


For tools and resources including documentation and software, please visit the support page at Thundercomm.

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