Vision 4all

Skill LevelArea of FocusOperating System
IoT, Robotics
Linux, Android

This project aims to implement vision assistive technology using DragonBoard™ 410c, OpenCV and Android applications. It uses computer vision and image processing to identify possible obstacles and helps the user navigate through the given area by providing feedback about the user’s surroundings.

Vision 4all was created during an IoT Hackathon challenge organized by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. in Brazil. Participants evaluated some of the current options available to the visually impaired, and concluded that the applications were very restrictive. The applications relied heavily on pre-loaded indoor maps and did not account for dynamic changes in the area. This implied a lot of geographical and environmental restrictions to the usability of such apps, and they could not be readily adopted to dynamically changing environments.

The goal of the project was to provide more autonomy to the visually impaired in an indoor environment like a shopping mall or an airport. Project tries to empower the user and allow them to identify obstacles and navigate through an area.

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