Typing Game

Skill LevelArea of FocusOperating System

A typing game for the DragonBoard™ 410c from Arrow Electronics that utilizes java language and JVM. This game is designed to provide interactivity along with real-time animation and sound by utilizing the strong AV processing computing power of the DragonBoard 410c.

By developing a classic fun game, it is engineered to allow a developer to experience and utilize the powerful AV processing power of the DragonBoard 410c to carry out small game development by java.

Materials Required / Parts List / Tools

Source Code / Source Example / Application Executable

Build / Assembly

  1. Install the Linux operating system on DragonBoard 410c
  2. Connect the power supply, display and keyboard and start the board to enter the system
  3. Install JVM by using apt-get install JVM command
  4. Copy the code to the user directory folder
  5. Use a CD command to enter the code directory
  6. Run java play through java

Usage Instructions

After startup, enter corresponding letters via keyboard to hit the corresponding letters on screen and score statistics will be shown.

Typing game in action with the DragonBoard™ 410c