Smart Remote Controller

Skill LevelArea of FocusOperating System
IntermediateIoT, Smart HomeAndroid

This project is to design a smart remote-control unit based on the DragonBoard™ 410c. By integrating infrared sensors into the DragonBoard 410c, users can control the TV, air conditioner and so on. Also, users can control the smart remote control through their smart phones.

Sometimes you can’t find the remote control, or the remote control doesn’t support products of a particular brand. Plus, there is a remote control for every device, which can be very troublesome. These problems can be solved by our own cell phone, which is the purpose of this demo.

Materials Required / Parts List / Tools

Source Code / Source Examples

Build / Assembly

  1. Install the Android operating system on the DragonBoard 410c
  2. Install the app on your cell phone

Usage Instructions

After the device is started, aim the remote control at the TV and use the app to control the remote, or you can also use the keys to learn the functions.

Smart Remote in action
Image: Smart Remote in actiont