Smart Grids and Energy Meters

Skill LevelArea of FocusOperating System
IoT, Smart Cities,
Smart Home

This project aims to implement a smart grid system using DragonBoard™ 410c, Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacons and Current Accumulators. It is designed to eliminate a complex and large network infrastructure setup.

Smart Grids and Energy Meters was created during an IoT Hackathon challenge organized by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. in Brazil. Minimizing infrastructure setup and maintenance costs was the driving factor behind this concept. Programmable beacons were used to collect sensor information, which in this case was a current accumulator, and then transmit it to a mobile gateway. For the prototype, the mobile gateway was implemented on DragonBoard 410c, and the programmable beacon with Current Sensor SCT-013 was done with Bluetooth Smart CSR1010 from Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. in order to measure accumulated power.

Materials Required / Parts List / Tools

Source Code / Source Examples / Application Executable

  • Source code for reading the current consumption, sending it to the beacon and reading it on the DragonBoard 410c.

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