Rescuers 1.0

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Healthcare, IoT,
Security, Sensors,
Smart Cities

We tried to implement an IoT based health care device which has sensors such as a Blood Pressure sensor, Heart Rate sensor and Oxygen saturation level sensor. The sensors are designed to continuously monitor the vital conditions of a person. The project also consists of a Panic Button (Touch sensor) and Tilt Module. In case of accidents, where the victim is immobilized and there is no one in the vicinity to help, the device is designed to monitor the vitals from the person and send an alarm to emergency services. The alert can be sent to nearby hospitals with the person's location including latitude and longitude using Google APIs.

This device is also applicable to cases like robbery and assault where the person's vitals might be fine but he/she needs to be rescued. In that case, the victim can press the panic button on the device which will in turn send an alarm signal to nearby emergency services.

The third application is for elderly people where the tilt module is designed to detect falls and send alerts to emergency services.

Vital thresholds used in the project
Image: Vital thresholds used in the project

Project with the DragonBoard™ 410c
Image: Project with the DragonBoard™ 410c

This project aims to help victims of accidents, assault cases, elderly people etc., who need help and are trying to reach emergency services. In the above cases, our device is designed to act like an alert. We came up with the idea to create a device which will combine multiple alerts into one device. As the saying goes- "Health is Wealth". This inspired us to develop a device which keeps health a priority.

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Build / Assembly

Connect the tilt and touch sensor at GPIO pins. First execute the source code and it will run continuously until you enter risk situations like Vital conditions cross threshold, touch is high or tilt is high. Using the GPS location, the system can be designed to send an alert message to nearby hospitals.