Remote-Control Robot

Skill LevelArea of FocusOperating System
Embedded, Gaming, IoT,
Robotics, Smart Cities,
Smart Home, Toys

The remote-control robot was developed based on the DragonBoard™ 410c, and can be controlled with a cell phone app. You can achieve remote mobile functions and access real-time monitoring screens, so you can use it to patrol and guard your home.

With more and more smart devices around, security has always been a topic for people, so I have used the DragonBoard 410c development board to make this remote-control robot.

Remote-Control Robot Project

Materials Required / Parts List / Tools

Source Code / Source Examples / Application Executable

Additional Resources

  • Video of Project in action.

Build / Assembly

  • Install the Android operating system on the DragonBoard 410c.

Usage Instructions

  • Start the system and connect the development board to the network.
  • Turn on the app on the development board.
  • Connect the cell phone to the same LAN and turn on the phone app.
  • You can automatically access the screen through the phone app, and you can control the movement of the robot through the phone.