Hand Gesture Recognition

Skill LevelArea of FocusOperating System
Gaming, Smart Home

The project is designed to implement a program that can recognize simple hand gestures of rock, paper and scissors on a DragonBoard™ 410c development board from Arrow Electronics that is hosting a Debian operating system, using Python development language and Open CV vision processing library.

Aim of this demo is to introduce developers to the concept of image recognition and image processing on the DragonBoard 410c. Using a popular game of “Rock, Paper and Scissors”, developers can get familiar with the basic process of image collection, target image acquisition and recognition program design.

Materials Required / Parts List / Tools

Source Code / Source Example / Application Executable

Build / Assembly

  1. Install the Linux operating system on DragonBoard 410c
  2. Install the opencv-python library by apt-get install opencv-python command
  3. Copy codes to the user directory
  4. Run python test3.py

Usage Instructions

After startup, put your hand on the red rectangular box region and the system will automatically detect hand gesture at intervals and output the hand gesture type, recognizing three hand gestures, namely rock, paper and scissors.

Hand Gesture Recognition with the DragonBoard™ 410c