DLNA Media Server / Client Solutions

Skill LevelArea of FocusOperating System
IntermediateDigital Signage,
IoT, Smart Home

Develop a home DragonBoard™ 410c DLNA Media Server that serves movies, videos, photos, and music to a local network to multiple simultaneous clients. Also demo the DragonBoard™ 410c as a client for applications such as bridging directly to TV's.

If you live in the 21st century, you have hundreds if not thousands of photos, music, and movies sitting on a hard drive in your house, but no easy way to access them. Wouldn’t it be nice to make all those photos and home movies available to everyone in the house at any time? Or how about playing all your own music over the home network? Solve for a personal need to allow family members to view all family photos and videos from any local device in the home.

This is easier than you might think with a DragonBoard™ 410c and some freely available open source software that supports DLNA, you can create a transparent local Media Server that provides easy simultaneous access to all this information to friends and family and have all your digital media available at your fingertips

The DragonBoard 410c media server-client

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Usage Instructions

  • Would be usable in a home network environment with the goal of being able to serve movies, photos, and music to standard home devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets over the home wireless network. This could also lead to a home device product in both the Client and Server use-cases.