3D Printed Case

Skill LevelArea of FocusOperating System
Beginner3D Printing & ModelingN/A

Use OpenSCAD to create a 3D printed case for DragonBoard 410c. OpenSCAD is free software for creating solid 3D CAD objects and is available for Linux/UNIX, MS Windows, and Mac OS X.

This project creates a protective case for the DragonBoard 410c. There are two variants of the case:

  1. The “box” version places the screws that hold the box together outside the DragonBoard 410c, which is good for creating a large enough box to balance a 5" Waveshare display on. The “box” can be extended vertically to hold a 2x16 LCD display, or a 5" HDMI display can be added in a separate box. The separate 5" LCD box can be mated to the DragonBoard 410c box with hinges or can be a standalone item only linked with the cables.
  2. The “micro box” holds the DragonBoard 410c and nothing else, which is useful for building a pocket size system. A 75x75mm VESA mount can be added to the “micro box” to allow easy mounting onto a VESA monitor.
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