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Qualcomm MARE Adds Heterogeneous Computing on GPU. Qualcomm’s June Developer of the Month is Casey Eastman, freelance programmer at DATA-S. Snapdragon Performance Visualizer is a suite of software tools to help you monitor system performance, profiling and debugging.
Snapdragon 805 Mobile Development Tablet sweepstakes. Qualcomm Developer of the Month, Andrew Sugaya, Senior Software Engineer, APX Labs. Uplinq developer conference will be held this September in San Francisco.
Qualcomm Developer of the Month, Jason Ried, Managing Director at Fuzzy Logic. Adreno Graphics SDK and Adreno Profiler Updated to Support Mac OS X, Linux. Learn why context awareness is vital for mobile apps to create richer engagement and quicker conversions.
Integrate facial recognition APIs with the Snapdragon SDK for Android 2.1. Develop for wearables with the new Qualcomm Toq SDK. Advance app performance on multicore process with MARE.
Tips for distributing mobile apps in China and Latin America. Identify power consumption issues for your mobile app and understand the problems of battery drain. Send mobile users timely and relevant offers with geofences and proximity beacons using Gimbal context aware platform.
Send your customers the right message at the right time, with Gimbal proximity beacons. Read our tips to optimize the power consumption of your apps. Extend your Android app development to smart TVs and get the latest software updates.
Learn how you can improve your Android app through testing. Four companies share tips and best practices on integrating app testing in your development cycle. Read our new FAQ on the facial processing APIs found in the Snapdragon SDK. Measure your apps’ power consumption with the new Trepn plug-in for Eclipse and get the latest software updates.
Uplinq, Qualcomm's annual wireless ecosystem conference, is just around the corner. We catch up with one of last year's Mobile CodeFest & Hackathon winners, Breadcrumbs, Inc. about their success over the past year.
Featuring an article about LEGO Connect, which uses the Vuforia augmented reality platform, Multi-threading Android apps for multi-core processors, AllJoyn modules for simplified application development and analyzing performance and power consumption of your Android applications using Trepn Profiler.
Featuring an article about the AllJoyn Peer-2-Peer App Challenge, Windows RT App Developer Contest Winners, 2net App Developer Challenge Winners, the AllJoyn SDK 3.0, and Adreno Graphics tools for Windows RT.
Featuring a guest article from Digital Chocolate about creating local multiplayer games using AllJoyn and news about the Snapdragon S4 Pro Developer Tablet, AllJoyn 2.3.6 SDK and Unity Extension, 2net SDK and Developer Challenge, Andreno SDK 3.0, and Windows RT App Developer Contest.
Featuring a sneak peak at Uplinq 2012 and news about HTML5 mobile device APIs, AllJoyn developer tutorial videos, Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 Mobile Development Platform and the Vuforia Developer Guide.
Featuring the new computer vision FastCV SDK and a perspective on Brew and the role of the feature phone in today’s mobile market.
Featuring articles on enhancing 3D apps on Snapdragon, Adreno tools, hungry Brew devices, Uplinq session recordings, case studies, webinars, news, and more.
Featuring a developer’s guide to Uplinq, a perspective on making browser optimizations add up, news about the next generation dual-core Snapdragon MDP, and announcing augmented reality apps now available in the Android market.
Featuring a case study on video acceleration in hardware, a perspective on Brew MP, the latest on the AllJoyn open source project, and the announcement of the augmented reality developer challenge winners.
Featuring a blog about reducing your development time with the Brew MP SDK, a perspective on vision-based augmented reality, and news about the latest Brew MP devices on AT&T.
Featuring an article on consumer demand for smartphone features with a feature phone price tag and a perspective on why mobile developers should care about hardware.
Our inaugural issue! Featuring new Qualcomm tools for developers and a perspective on mobile app growth.