Mobile Gaming: A Growing Industry


Changing the Face of Mobile Gaming

Just a few years ago, the profile of a gamer was pretty specific: a chubby guy parked on his couch and surrounded by snacks and energy drinks, frantically thumbing a game controller. But with the rise of mobile gaming, it’s tough to narrow gamers by type. Mobile systems like Nintendo’s Game Boy changed the gaming landscape, and simple games like Snake began to appear on phones in the late 1990s.

Mobile Gaming: A Growing Industry
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But it’s smartphone games like Angry Birds that brought casual gaming to the masses. With high-res graphics, simple game objectives and the ability to play with friends, mobile gaming now gives everyday smartphone owners a way to pass the time in waiting rooms, a chance to catch up and play with long-distance friends, and even educational entertainment for kids. As smartphones become more powerful, the mobile gaming landscape will continue to develop at the speed of light.