The DragonBoard platform is a development kit based on a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor. The kit exposes the Snapdragon processor and lets you take advantage of pins, connectors, adapters, and expansion headers to tap into its functionality in your own product development efforts.

 The DragonBoard development kit is ideal for:

  • Creating and prototyping hardware components
  • Developing middleware
  • Specifying and testing embedded systems
  • Conducting research on mobile platforms
  • Teaching and learning electronic engineering

You can cover a lot of technical ground with the DragonBoard development kit, including Android, integrated development environments (IDEs), radios, application processors, debuggers, sensors, and displays. And you’ll be working with the same Snapdragon application processor that powers millions of mobile devices worldwide. (The DragonBoard platform supports WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity, but not 3G/4G connectivity.)
For more information about the DragonBoard platform, visit the community site http://mydragonboard.org. You can compare DragonBoard models, review projects created around the DragonBoard development kit, browse the community forum, subscribe to the blog, and read FAQs.

Dragonboard 410c

The DragonBoard 410c is based on the Snapdragon 410 processor. This mid-tier development board is 64-bit capable and offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS, all in a credit card sized board. With advanced computing, graphics and multimedia capabilities, it is ideal for a variety of embedded computing and IoE use cases.

DragonBoard 810

The DragonBoard 810 is based on the Snapdragon 810 Ultra HD processor, which includes a 64-bit octa-core CPU, Qualcomm® Adreno™ 430 GPU and the newest Qualcomm® Hexagon™ DSP, along with the latest available Android OS.

DragonBoard 800

The DragonBoard 800 is based on the Snapdragon 800, which includes quad core high performance up to 2.3 Ghz Krait™ CPUs, a powerful multi-media engine with 3D graphics, programmable multimedia DSP, 1080p HD support, and other advance features.