Wireless Health (2net)

Qualcomm Life, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, is mobilizing health care to increase access to care and improve lives through its connectivity solutions. Its 2net™ and HealthyCircles™ Platforms aggregate and integrate patient data from disparate devices, applications and services, providing a scalable infrastructure to manage interactions across a patient’s continuum of care.

Qualcomm Life offers a set of comprehensive tools to access its Platforms, including the 2net Connect API, the 2net Mobile SDK, and the 2net Hub and HealthyCircles connectivity suite.

2net Connect API
The 2net Connect API is part of the 2net Service Gateway and allows developers to access biometric user data from the 2net Service Platform. Data can be integrated into your new or existing health or wellness solution through a server-to-server RESTful API. You can learn more about the 2net Connect API in our documentation.

2net Mobile SDK
2net Mobile SDK is a software module that runs on a mobile device. The SDK allows developers immediate access to a wide range of supported biometric sensors, allowing them to visualize sensor data locally and transmit data from those sensors securely to the 2net Platform for aggregation.

2net Hub
The 2net Hub is a compact plug-and-play gateway comprised of a variety of short-range radios (Bluetooth®, Bluetooth® Smart, ANT+ and WiFi) that collects data from medical devices and sends it wirelessly to the cloud-based 2net Platform.

HealthyCircles is a hosted enterprise software-as-a-service (Saas) solution – providing secure communications and record sharing for care team coordination, post-discharge transitional care and complex care management.

For more information regarding any of the offerings above or to receive access to the 2net Connect API, please fill out our connect request form.