Peer-to-Peer (AllJoyn)

Create peer-to-peer and multi-screen experiences by enabling your apps to connect, control and share resources with nearby apps and devices via the AllJoyn software connectivity and services framework. AllJoyn is an open, secure and universal framework and core set of services that enable interoperability among nearby devices, products and applications across platforms and operating systems.

Whether you develop for smartphones, tablets, televisions, or PCs, AllJoyn can significantly reduce the time, effort, and cost of adding advanced peer-to-peer features to your apps and help to ensure interoperability across device types and operating systems.

AllJoyn software connectivity and services framework, initially developed by Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc., has been contributed to the AllSeen Alliance where it will be hosted, expanded and augmented with contributions from various companies and technology leaders around the world.  AllSeen Alliance is a cross-industry consortium to advance adoption and innovation in the "Internet of Everything" in homes and industry.  With the help of the developer community, new, compelling peer-to-peer applications and services are just waiting to be discovered, and that it’s only the beginning of how devices can – and will – communicate with each other.

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting collaboration, please visit the AllSeen Alliance for more information on how to participate and get acquainted with AllJoyn.

Open source and mobile optimized, AllJoyn offers:

  • Powerful support for multi-screen experiences
  • Ability to share controls across apps and devices
  • High performance and low latency
  • Easy discovery and group formation among devices
  • Support for a wide variety of OSes

Visit for downloads, support forums, and more information.

Developer Resources

AllJoyn Tools and Resources
Enhance your app by integrating peer-to-peer technology to create a new and differentiated user experience. Development tools can be found on

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